chino moreno's vocal mix: how to get close?


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Hi people, happy new year and stuff!
(I haven't posted anything for ages here)

I'd like to process the vocals on a tune to get close to what your can hear on "Change (In the house of flies)" on the deftones latest opus.

In your opinion how many vocal layers are there, what sort of FX did they put in there and how did they tune it to get this sound, that fills up the space and sounds really like a moving thing, wide and warm yet central and in your face? I tried differents combinations of doubled/detuned/compressed/uncompressed/tube sat/flange/chorus/delay/reverb/ (with a total of up to 8 separate tracks) but I can't figure out the right settings or fx they use myself... help!


dude,ive been wanting to know the same thing. ive searched every website, forum, article, interview...... i hope someone knows