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just thought i'd share my experience from this weekend. My band was recording a acoustic guitar song with drums. We always find it easier to record drums and electric guitar at the same time but had never had to try acoustic. We needed a way to stop the drums from bleeding into the acoustic guitar mic. What we did was put a large couch in front of the drums and use the cushions to cover any open areas were the sound would get out. I had the guitar player sit on the floor in front of the couch. It worked great. Who woulda thunk it!
Hey Mr. Pepto Bismol:

You can also avoid sitting in weird places by doing this:

Put headsets on each musician; record only the drums while both play into your recording unit; Also, if you have an amp with an in/out buss, you can by-pass the guitar amp yet run it into your board/recorder and do the same as above.

When the drum track is down, then merely over-dub the guitar part; then, add other parts by over-dubbing. It's nice to get all of the music down first if doing a vocal.

Then, only the vocalist has to re-do if he/she mucks it up.

With today's virtual tracks on digital boxes, you can put 7 or 8 vocal takes on a single track and then choose the best one for the mix. [if you can figure it out from the manual.]

Happy Recording

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