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all the experience i've had with the iridium so far,
has been with direct signals only....

but today,
i hooked up my mesa mkIIb head as a power amp, using the FX return as the input,
and found sonic nirvana.



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the idea,
of having a plexi sound,
come out of my old mesa mark head,
is pretty cool.

the sound,
is deeper than a marshall head normally is,
i guess because of the 6L6's, and the big iron.

but man, what a meaty well defined sound.

it is for me, the perfect blend of the best part of a vintage boogie, and a vintage marshall, blended perfectly.

i haven't even tried the chime model into the boogie yet...

with just a boost pedal,
i can drive the PUNCH model right into a super hot plexi tone.

wonder what the ROUND model is going to sound like!

i'll post more tunes with the iridium as time allows....


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Guitars sounding great!

thanks bulls

this unit, man, put it into the boogie via fx loop,
it sounds exactly like a plexi,
with a 6l6 power side!

best tone i've ever gotten out of the boogie...
i'll probably blend miced up boogie cab with direct IR next recording..


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man, this plexi model has become my go-to solo voice paired with mesa boogie markiib power section.
awesome touch sensitivity is a bonus!