CD Jackets and Inserts


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For our press pack, we've decided to use a thin (half thickness) DVD case. I am having trouble finding templates for the inserts. Has anyone done this?

And when you did have your CD inserts printed, where did you have it done?


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Don't know the dimension on a half dvd case. Could it be the same as a CD? 4.5 x 4.5??

I have used matte photo paper and like the results. I found some you can print on both sides, so print something 9"x4.5" and you can fold it in half. With both sides, it's a lot of space to be creative.



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I've had a lot of luck getting templates for stuff like that through discmakers... they also have an easy to use system for short run duplication and the pricing was reasonable.


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My band had our last inserts printed at our campus' student-run printing office. It was .80 USD per page for full-color two sided glossy paper. (We had a 16 page insert, and the CDs still only cost us about $3 each).

The only caveat there is that it was 8.5x11 paper and we had to get it re-printed because the students there screwed it up the first time.


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Whatever company is doing the actual duplication run should be able to provide you with templates for everything.


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well BenignVanilla, i found the CD Inserts templates from well know online printing services company, they shown many cd inserts templates and i just decided only one which really inspire me so then i order for printed, the size of The trim size of the front part of the insert is 4.75" high x 4.75" wide; the trim size of the tray card is 4.625" x 5.906". it was looks cool when i got the printed files. you can also easily find your solutions via Google search easily. !!!