CbB stuck in "DEMO" mode

mark skinner

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Hello to everyone , I opened Cakewalk this morning and my project opened in "Demo" mode. The very top of screen shows Cakewalk (demo mode) and Toolbar shows DEMO. I got a message on the screen that reads ( ACTIVATION REQUIRED , Saving is disabled in demo mode. please activate via bandlab assistant ) . I tried exporting audio tracks to desktop . Export is also disabled. This is a project for a client and sure don't want to lose it. Has anyone run into this problem ?? I don't have internet access in my studio I'll have to move my pc to house for anything online.. Thanks for any info ... MS
Mark, I've been using an old paid version but yes, I downloaded CbB when it first became available and have used it several times since. Just yesterday I went to open it and the the same thing happened to me. Locked in DEMO mode. Sorry not any help but you're not alone.
Hello , I just read that the 1'st free download had a built in authorization check 6 mo. after download , and would be removed in later versions. This may be what we're running into.. I downloaded the latest version of bandlab and updated the cakewalk app. This solved my "Demo mode" problem. Now when I boot up it asks me to log in to band lab , but Cakewalk works fine. There were a lot of comments on the Cakewalk main forum about not being logged in when this problem happens . Don't think this was my problem. If you click on the tool "gear" in the bandlab app and your only option is to "sign out" don't assume you are logged in. When I booted up with internet access a log in message popped up. Hope this helps .. MS
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