Car audio problem

Richie Monroe

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Well, I'm not a noob, but I am to this. I'm trying to figure out how to get from a 3.5mm analog output to my car radio. The only input is a female 2.0 USB port. The radio is not blue tooth compatible, and neither is the device I want to send the signal from (mostly a Zoom HN4 and a radio). The radio in the car truly sucks. I don't use a smart phone or MP3's for music. I'm just trying to figure out if there's a compatible adapter with A/D conversion that can give me an analog input to the digital radio. Thanks in advance to anybody who has the anwer, or at least tries to find one. I'm thinking it may not exist. All the adapters I've found are trying to get a signal from the USB to some other device, BlueTooth headphones, etc., or for charging devices. Why anyone would create a car radio with no analog input is beyond me.-Richie
Most car stereos with no 3.5mm input are bluetooth capable, are you sure your's is not?

Sounds like you're using legacy gear with legacy gear. I typically recommend people in your situation improve the overall situation with just a nominal expenditure in new equipment rather spend that money making something old that's outdated and will die soon work for a bit as a workaround. New car stereos are crap cheap nowadays, sound good, and are easy to install. Crutchfield usually provides free adapters with the purchase.
Richie, when you say "female USB port" I take it you mean a 'Type A' port? If so I suspect its function is to read music files , possibly only MP3, stored on a USB stick or other devices under the generic banner of "Mass Storage Device" The Zoom could well function that way. I doubt a radio will.

Many 'domestic' devices have such USB pots., TVs and I have two Freeview HDD/DVD recorders so equipped (they can display and send still photos as well) So, you might well have to store your music on a stick?

You COULD try plugging in a 'bus' powered AI ? The Behringer UCA 202 is cheap but effective but I hold out little hope of it working. USB AIs rely on the 'computer' to do some of the heavy conversion lifting and I doubt such software is in a car radio?

Does seem that if there is no 3.5 input that there would be Bluetooth.

At the very least you can put your music on a usb stick. Works great for me. Most car radios can index large numbers of songs on one usb stick. Mine can index up to 15,000 songs on a single stick.