Capo or no capo?


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Sang a song with no capo, then a capo on 5.
Could you give me your opinion on which is better?
Any other advice appreciated.

Brutal honestly appreciated as well.
So far u guys have given a lot to work on, tried to work on opening up, dynamics, staying within limits, etc.
Still shy but after getting feedback from you guys and stuff to work on while hiding behind a computer screen, I might sing now if a guitar is being passed around... Maybe..hah

No capo:
Vocaroo | Voice message

Capo 5:
Vocaroo | Voice message

If anyone else needs someone to lend an ear to their recording too let me know. Will watch the threads as well.

Interesting - In our PM I mentioned that moving the capo up/down allows you to sing in a higher/lower key.
What you've done is popped a capo on then sung an octave lower (after transposition).

Perfectly valid - Just a little more complicated than I described.

No matter - Both sound good to me. The higher pitched vocal does sound like a bit weak, if I'm honest, but it sounds like it's within your range.
I get the feeling you're holding back a little on it, like a practice take, but I expect you'd be able to sing it with strength and confidence if you wanted.

Taken at face value, the strength and confidence presented in these clips, I'd go with the lower pitched vocal. It sounds more comfortable and controlled.

You've a good voice - I want to put a kit and a piano behind it. :p

Fast Frank

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You've obviously got a good voice. The second version, where you've gone an octave below, does seem too low-pitched though. Both seem kinda 'unconfident' - given how good your voice n guitar are. Also wonder if properly compressing/volume-leveling the vocal would make it sound more upfront and assured?