Cant open WAV file with ANWIDA EQ


New member
I am trying the trial version Anwida Graphic EQ v1.5. BUT when attempting to open a WAV file I recorded from vinyl, I get error message: INVALID FILE FORMAT:GRAPHIC EQ PRO SUPPORTS ONLY 16 BIT SOUNDFILE WITH SAMPLE RATE GREATER THEN 16000HZ. I checked the specs for my soundcard an it says it is an '18 bit' 48khz sampling rate.
Can someone give me a clue as to what is wrong? Thanks guys
Your computer and soundcard can record WAV files at many different sampling rates. If you right click on the WAV file and hit "properties" and then maybe "advanced" you will see the sampling rate of the file in question. I suspect it will not be greater than 16 Kbps and that is what your Graphic EQ Pro is complaining about. You will have to use a digital audio editor to save it with another sampling rate, or better yet sample it again because 16 Kbps is only 8 KHz of audio bandwidth and that sounds terrible!