Can the Nagra 4S-TC be slave locked to external LTC


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Does anyone have experience of using the timecode version of the Nagra 4S?
I'm thinking of buying one to make location music recordings but I need to be able to slave lock the Nagra to a PC based system which outputs LTC timecode.
I would strip the timecode track on the Nagra prior to recording.
Then record on the Nagra (when slave locked)
Then playback on the Nagra (still slave locked)
I have carefully studied the user manual but it doesn't explicitly talk about slave locking to an external source during playback.
Has it got the pilot tone or the timecode board in it? We had these at Anglia TV in the 70s and the wildlife series went all over the world. We had two types of code and both were for 50Hz countries meaning trips to 60Hz countries had a different two systems. memory also says the basic timecode also came in a simple and more complicated version. Do you already have some kind of interface to convert MIDI timecode or whatever you're going to use?
The machine I am looking at has the timecode board. Yes I have a PC utility that converts MTC to LTC.
What I can't find is any reference in the user manual to how to slave lock the Nagra to LTC during playback.
With the timecode board, did they not simply lock to the code if present and valid? I'm pretty sure there wasn't a switch. We had some that took the tone from the 16mm cameras on a bigger socket and then we used a smaller connector to go to the electronic unit for sync, but I dont remember the details. My job was usually to just dub the nagra to the Steenbecks we had. Left, right and the small timecode connector. I can't help as to how it worked, it just did - and we just connected the cables and whatever it did, it just did?
I'm not really familiar with the Nagra 4S-TC, but have you tried reaching out to their customer support? They might be able to give you more information on slave locking the device to an external source during playback. On a side note, have you heard about the latest updates on the litecoin evm blockchain? It's been gaining more attention recently and might be worth checking out if you're into cryptocurrency. I think it's one of the most reliable currencies nowadays and I believe in it. Best of luck with your Nagra 4S-TC and your location music recordings!
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