Can I sing?


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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone who knew what they were talking about could maybe listen to this recording to tell me whether or not I can sing properly. I love singing and i've been doing it for a while but quite a few people have been telling me that I sound really bad. I was planning on quitting but I think it's best if I asked some people on here first
Please note that I also have a form of larhyngitis (i think that's how you spell it) but my doctor claims that the only possible cause is anxiety (aka he's given up). I've had this for a year but I think it's gotten a little better. I still struggle to sing sometimes and it's always a little painful afterwards.
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Hi there,
It doesn't do you any favours being so raw and loud relative to the backing track but yes...You can sing.

Your technique is very full-on and, I admit, it sounds a bit like hard work, but there's no doubt you have the ear for pitch and the potential.

With what you said about pain and trouble singing, my advice would be to book a few lessons with a good vocal coach.
People misunderstand and think that means they can't sing but, for the most part, a vocal coach is going to teach you how to sing with health and stamina and mind.
With only a few focussed lessons, you can pickup tips and techniques that will make a huge difference to the longterm health of your vocal chords and, hopefully, alleviate any discomfort you feel.

There's an old saying about singing - If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.
Obviously that works on the assumption that there's no other underlying cause but, yeah, take it seriously. :)


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Yeah you can sing. Good advice above on instruction.

Melody is fine but you're not really feeling the song, rhythmically. The vocal needs to sit better in the mix.


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You're almost there...
When I'm listening it's like I feel like oh oh.. like I want to push your voice out...

Did you do vocal warm up before singing that?
If not, I for one would really be interested in hearing you after 15 mins of warm up prior to singing. Try doing that to open your voice up.
Try Eric Arcenaeux's on YouTube. I promise it's not a plug, he's got free warm up vids.
Here's a link:

I've heard worse - so if ppl are telling you that you can't sing then they must have high standards.


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My two cents : yes, u sound pretty good. Especially since the vocals seemed a bit dry (like not alot of reverb n stuff). Yeah, the vocals are two loud in the mix, dial it back some. I tend to sing better when I don't try so hard, I used to try to hit every note, tried to sound all impressive and stuff but I think sincerity and emotion goes further than technique sometimes. As far as your voice getting sore, I think a large part of it can be subconscious. I remember the day before a show my throat would hurt... It was weird, it happened several times. I was like worried about saving my voice and all that and my voice would almost sabatoge me. It's like worrying about getting a zit the day before a picture, it'll probably happen because you're worrying about it. Point is, relax. Just do your thing. If you're off here and there I'm a recording, u can always tune it after the fact. Better to have an honest performance overall imo
WTF are you just some copy cat agent that says the same thing in every post without even listening to the demo?

No need to attack.
First rule of asking for criticism - Be able to take criticism.
RustyAxe was absolutely right the two times I've seen him make that comment.


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Recently using a voice recognition software (for typing college work), I was not using good vocal production and losing my voice. I recalled a brief few sessions from years ago with a voice coach and got back to proper use of voice--all is well though I have to be aware of not falling back into bad habits.

A coach has to see, yes see where the sound is produced as well as hear you to know how to correct you . . . it's not a natural thing for people (proper vocal production).

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not bad. but i think there's potential. when the chorus part kicked in with the projection i felt was a little pitchy.
good work though. keep working at it