Can I sing? - Tried to take advice from you guys on my last thread


Hey all, hope all is well,

So I posted a link on here for the first time a month or two back. Thank you all for the feedback.
I was playing guitar tonight and thought about what you guys said in comments. Decided to pull out my phone and record a song and try to do what you guys suggested.
I didn't worry about if neighbors could hear, tried to be more clear when singing (dynamics), didn't hold back so much, and just tried to have fun and not care so much.

If you get a chance let me know how it sounds to you guys.
If it sucks, no worries, just ya.. let me know!
I enjoy playing when no one's around, but ya.. I'm still sorta thinking if ppl were passing a guitar around I'd have to work up the courage to take a turn and really sing...maybe close my eyes while doing it lol. Might sing for a couple people I know that are closer friends tho, but ya...same thing...
Good thing about this site is you guys take the time to listen and I can get feedback while cowardly hiding behind a screen! Haha.

Anyways here's the link to this one : Vocaroo | Voice message

Brutal honesty appreciated :)
Will try to learn from it.

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Hey there,
I listened on the previous thread and commented that you sounded good, but you definitely sound stronger and more confident here.
The more confident you are and the more you push it out (within limits) the better you'll sound.

Lol. Yes, that anonymous advice thing is a lot easier but time a guitar is getting passed around just grab it.
Your friends will enjoy listening. :)

btw, is that a Taylor? Guitar sounds familiar.