Cambridge Audio Works Volume Control Question


I have a pair of Cambridge Audio Works speakers and a sub-woofer, and it appears the volume control is giving me problems:

A few weeks ago, one of the channels gave out, so I took apart the control (an odd rotary set-up) and cleaned it, but no improvement.
When I re-seated the jack on the TV, the problem seemed to clear up, so I left well enough alone.
Now I notice the channel is dead again, but when I pull out the stereo mini plug one 'click', the channel starts to work.
Which tells me the signal is getting through.
What would be causing this - a faulty cable, maybe?

Here is a pic of the control - impossible to find these days, I’m afraid:


Leading me to ask - can another be used in its place?
I have no clue about replacing the control, but the rare times when I have an issue with things like this, it's the molded plug that is the issue, not the cable. I have fixed some by cutting off the plug, making sure to have enough wire on the plug so you can try to establish which wire goes to what point on the plug, then soldering on a new plug. If you can open the case with the volume control and gain access to the wire connections, maybe you can check continuity from that point. Otherwise it's just a matter of doing the replacment and hoping for the best. At least putting a couple of 1/8" (3.5mm) on is only a few dollars of parts. If that wasn't the issue, you're not out big money.

The reason pulling the plug partially out seems to fix it is that you're making a connection, essentially crossing the two channels.
I built a new volume control box for mine. I have a knob on it from a Fender amp. Yes, it is a bit larger, but it is now repairable.