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Yup. Here’s some feeling good stuff.

Sweetwater! What a great company.

I’m on my third rep now. I hardly buy anything from them. I think I’ve spent about 1500 bucks with them over the last 5 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of gear, just not from an online retail store.

My ‘new’ rep gave me a call. My response was “how’d you get so unlucky to be assigned to me?” We laughed.

But this dude and I ended up having a half an hour conversation about recording, hybrid setups, pros and cons of PT, guitars, kids, HR forum, blah blah.

In the end I said I should let him get back to work to actually make some money :)

But before hanging up, I got some headphones on sale.

My whole experience with them has been very uplifting, never getting the idea they’re just ass kissing to make a buck.

I’m a low level customer but still always get treated like a king.

Great place!


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I Second That Emotion!

WIth Sennheiser having the E935 on sale for $99, I went again and grabbed one to go with the 835s I have used for years as live vocal mics. 30 minutes after I placed the order, my rep, Dontae, called. We talked for about 15 minutes about how things are going, Covid restrictions, etc. He's served me well over the years. When I wanted to get a case for my old Guild S100, he went to the warehouse, pulled a case and a current S100, checked the fit and sent me pictures. A month later, I was in the area, and stopped in. He pull the case, and showed me the fit. Perfect! I took it home that day.

I've bought mics, a pedal board, recording gear, etc over the years, but I'm not a big spender either. It doesn't matter. Its a great company to deal with. I would love to spend a day in their recording studios. They are first class.


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Great company. I bought my Kemper there. It was a demo and when it arrived, long story short, wasn't exactly as new but opened. Called my rep, he made a report, escalated it to senior management and they sent me out a brand new unit. Way more than I expected. Now days, they're the only store I use. Plus Sweetwater is less than an hours drive.......


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I'm actually friends with a sales rep there, having nothing to do with his being a sales rep there. They do go above and beyond.


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It's a decent company it seems. They'll give you 10-15% off just about anything that doesn't have a manufacturer's set price - if you ask nicely.


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I like dealing with Sweetwater, they are very helpful and they send candy. I recently spent around $800.00 on various items and am thinking of ordering an electronic drum kit from them. As someone else mentioned, if you are nice they are willing to give some great discounts.


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Wow that's a great story RFR Nice to hear ...I have been dealing with Sweetwater a looooong ass time, actually dealt with the owner Chuck Surrack back in the mid to late 90's when I purchased a used Kurzweil K-250 (the brilliant beginning of the digital piano world) and Sweetwater was the only place you could buy the sound blocks. They were crazy expensive as was the original K-250 @ $10K in the late 80's.

I've gone through several reps some were amazing, some not so much. Cool company though and every now and then I can still throw them some business.