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All you have is now
No the bottle is not filled with Vodka...although I understand why some might think so ;) oh and the pink floyd scarf ...well...I was trying to figure out how to somehow hide the mics... and also illustrate my PF obsession but in retrospect that ain't workin and will be modified as I begin my continuing and torturous onslaught of live performances. Got a lot of catching up to do to pull off 365 in 2021.

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I really like your vocal technique with harmonizing(?). The part at 1:40 made me think of Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66.. dig that ;).
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All you have is now
Thanks Dudes! Still getting this live stereo mix from mixer to iphone thing worked out. Volume is too low so..replacing the one sm57 I'm using for the straight vocal with just verb with a ADK cardioid ..seems like I am able to get the vocal a lot louder before hiss starts... ..hopefully the results are a louder audio recording