Cakewalk by BandLab is finaly launched.. for FREE !!!

Hey Mickster. Not really any advice for backing up your drive, but if you ever need to restore to a new drive, you have to do a little workaround.

For loading the image onto a new hard drive, it doesn't restore the boot manager properly. At least for Win7. It's an easy fix, but you will need a Win7 dvd. Any version will do. After loading an image onto a new hard drive, Win7 won't boot, so you have to boot off the Win7 DVD. Don't reinstall Win7. Instead find the option to repair the O/S. There might an option to repair the boot manager, can't remember. But all you have to do is use the repair feature on the Win7 dvd and the image will work.

I don't know how well it works with Win10. ymmv.
Awesome..........much appreciated.........thank you sir!! I have Win7 so I'll be sure to have a version disc on hand.
I'm holding off to see how this all ends up shaking out. Not in a hurry.

Nothing is free forever, so eventually they'll announce and force everyone into some sort of revenue generating channel. If it's cost effective I'll gladly given them my money, if not I'll simply jump ship which is what I expected to have to do at some point anyway. Resurrection of Cakewalk has just given me more options.
Wanted to checkin on my Bandlab install and give them props for a good product. Took me years to commit, but I'm finally fully migrated to Bandlab (have Sonar X2 and X3 installed only for plugin access and opening legacy projects as needed/rarely). I'm only a mouse, so not big enough pride to not eat my words.

Hopefully free and/or inexpensive stays that way. Not having to buy and learn a new DAW was a huge relief in what is already a stressful process.