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Firstly, I'm a noob using this program, also my first post. Hi!

Recently downloaded 'Cakewalk by Bandlab'. Love the program, wish I had a manual for it. I do know about the 'Documentation', alas cannot find the answer for what I'm looking for. Hopefully some of you experience users can put me in the right direction(or tell me what to do).

Upon first using the program, in the track view, there were; 'volume', 'pan', & 'gain' (first image, excuse the spelling of rhythm)

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When opening a new project, those three modules(?) are missing. Also 'Interleave = Stereo' & 'Phase = Normal' buttons are missing(not shown in pic).

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How can I restore those modules(?)?

Appreciate any help anybody can give me. Thanks!!!

Good chance I'll be posting more questions in the future.


Check out 'Cake's Template starter collections - .cwt's vs the .cwp 'Projects'.
'File, Open, file type cwt' is in the 'Files type' option drop-down bar.
You'll find enough -likely several that will fit what you need.
Then 'save as' either 'your starter template.cwt' name and/or then 'your project name.cwp'.

Add.. and unless you like that solid black... "None blacker.." go to 'Options, Colors, 'Presets bar for some nice 'style options.
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Try this- Check for what they call 'Tabs at the very bottom of the track and bus control modules.
'All, Custom, Mix, FX, I/O..
Now when I tested with a proj set to 'I/O for example ..shows only inputs/outputs but no controls, then opened another proj on (top of the first), the Tab selection was back to default 'All'.

Also, right click in the space next to the tabs (drag the control pane wider if need be), and open Widget Tab Manager. That's where you can customize the tab's contents.

So if you opened a new proj or template, I guess you should have seen 'all of them back. So I don't know if this was the problem or not. Lem'me know.

All this is in the help content by the way.

Also'll get more helpers here
Cakewalk Forums
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Again thanks, done as you suggested, still no go. When I open a new project, again those modules are not there.

Thanks for the Cakewalk forum link, I'll try there as well.

Teer, I am also new to this daw and had the same issue. If you look at the top right of your screen you'll see "lenses" Toggle thru these and see if you see what you are missing. I think the "basic" will show controls for a selected track , to the left of your clips pane. MS...
Thank you Mark!

I went to 'Lenses', clicked on Advanced(the lens said 'none') and bang, the modules that were missing are back!

Such a simple solution.

I even contacted Cakewalk about the problem. They sent me a couple of links but still didn't solve the problem. You're suggestion did! I suggest you seek employment with Cakewalk.

Much obliged sir!

Many thanks to all who replied! Fantastic group of people!