Buzz in channel 2


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I'm recording on a :
1- Imac El Capitan
2- Microphones Neumann KM 184
3- RME Babyface pro
4 - Logic Pro X

Therefore through USB.
I never had any problems.

For the last couple of days I found after making a test take that in fact stereo channel two was "dead" and there was a feedback buzz.

I fiddled with the mixer (Babyface Totalmix) and it went away

Then today after testing, first take it came back.

This time I fiddled with the connections - that is where the cables are plugged in to the soundcard (RME Babyface pro) and it disappeared.

As my equipment is brand new (a few months old that is) I'm a little worried.

Do you think that this is coming from my soundcard?
The mixer?

Or just bad cables. I bought them also in November - Klotz MC5000 - high end studio microphone cables - Double Spiral Shield.

Thanks for your feedback!
A couple of questions . .

Do the mike channels work ok?

What are you connecting to the line-in via the stereo cable?

You could buy or borrow another stereo cable and try that.
Thank you for your answer.
I'll acquire new cables, any suggestions?

To answer your questions :
For the channels :
1 - Visual test on Total Mix console - OK
2 - Visual test on LogicPro OK
3 - Audio test in headphones OK

Test take OK

Then first take and a dead bad buzz in Channel 2.

After unplugging and replugging the cables into the Babyface Pro the problem - for the moment - totally resolved...

As for the input in the soundcard - in the BabyfacePro I'm plugging the cables into audio in 1 and 2

I plug the headphones into the OUTPUT - obviously - in the soundcard.

That being said beforehand I always used the audio out in the PC or Mac and recently changed for the soundcard.
Maybe the root of the problem???
What you describe sounds like a cable connection problem, rather than a fault with the Babyface.

When you hear the buzz, are you listening through headphones or speakers?

Using audio out on the Babyface is the better way of doing it.

If the stereo waveform that you see in Logic doesn't show the appearance of a buzz, that suggests a problem on the output side. This in turn suggests a problem with speakers or headphones.

Headphones are easy enough to test. Just stick them into something else and try them.

If the stereo waveform does show the appearance of a buzz, that suggests a problem on the input side. That is where you need to check the cable going into the Babyface. And also check the output of whatever it si is at the other end.
In fact it is reflected in the wave form. A "dead" flat signal in channel two.
And as I mentioned for a test take this was not the case.
You must be correct maybe something about the way the cables are connected.
Or is it possible I twisted one and caused a short circuit?
I've been ultra careful - but you never know...
Just had a talk with a friend - professional recording engineer. He's been using Logic since the beginning.
He says it might be a problem stemming from the latest versions of Logic. He's had similar problems.
Anybody else concur?
I don't concur yet.

Have you, for example, swapped left and right inputs to the Babyface? That should tell you whether the problem is before or after the interface. If the buzz swaps left and right as well, that means cable or source. If buzz stays on the same channel, it mans interface or something else.
Good idea to swap the inputs.
The problem as many things in a laboratory - is it is unpredictable and difficult to reproduce. When it does I'll swap.

The first time it occurred - as I mentioned - I fiddled with Totalmix and it was gone.
Last time I unplugged and replugged the inputs.

It's really frustrating as you set it up, take a test take, listen back look at all (Totalmix, Logic etc.) and then a first take - BOOM.

Strange really.

But many thanks for ideas to try:thumbs up:
Don't wait.

Swap now and just wait for it to happen again.

You haven't said what your input source is? Where's the line getting its signal from? ipad, MP3 player> CD player, mixing desk?