burn to disc from roland VS840ex?


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i recently bought a roland vs840ex and want to master to disc. the roland disc burner only works with the 880 and 1680 recorders as far as i know. my question is:
if i were to buy one of the many brandname cd burners out there for around $600 would i be able to get a nice crisp loud signal onto disc by running from my master r/l outs on my roland digital 8 track into analog r/l ins on the burner of choice? please help me. any comments wold be greatly appreciated.
The best thing to do(if you have a computer)is dump it into your computer, manipulate it with some easy-to-find editing software, master it, normalive it, drive the levels, and then burn. Unless you have and outboard tube compressor, multiband compressor, and parametric eq at your disposal...
unfortunately i dont have a computer. i do have a outboard 5band stereo eq and the ability to compress the mix. i am a little naive when it comes to cdburners. is it hard to get good levels using analog r/l ins?
is it not worth buying one if i cant transmit the signal digitaly?
I've seen some pretty "hot" CDs produced with the TASCAM CDRW 5000 standalone burner using the analog ins from a cassette recorder!
thanx for your input. i dont know anyone who has burned a disc using the analog ins and i was basically looking for testimonials. thanx again,

There's a guy named bassett on the VS-Planet web site who goes from his Roland recorder directly to a Philips stand-alone CDR.

It has analog, optical, and coax inputs.

His model has 2 decks so you can burn on CDRW and (i believe) copy to CDR.

It allows you to do a song at a time and as long as you don't finalize the CD you can add more songs.

Take a look in the archives at: www.vsplanet.com

Search for basset and you'll find some good info.

Hope this helps,