Bump Sound when "Cutting" with Tascam DP-03SD

Hello Everyone:
I recorded a Bossa Nova rhythm guitar track. I hit one bass note slightly late.
I cut out roughly 3/100ths of a second or so just before the bass note, which eliminated
that much of the chord, BUT, unfortunately it leaves behind a BUMP noise.
Any way to cut without the bump being adding to the track?
Thanks for any help!
Record a second track and start playing some seconds before the bump.
Fade the original track out before the bump, and fade the new track in from the same point.
You could do this with automation.
Hey Slouching Raymond, thanks for the reply! Yes, that would work. What I learned thru this process is it definitely matters where you cut from the wave! If done randomly it may cause some bumps. When I started trying to keep the wave moving along naturally without upsetting drastically the shapes, I had much better results! All the best with all your efforts.