Building my own studio equipment, at least some of it...


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Hi all,

I am starting the lengthy process of building my studio. There are many things that I know i can do myself, and therfore can't stomach paying for. (I'm sure you understand)

I am wondering if there are any good books or online resources that any of you may be aware of that could give me information on building studio equipment.

The stuff I aspire to build would be limited to racks, cables, snakes, patchbays and relatively simple stuff like that.

My background is electrical engineering, so I'm comfortable with it. My main question is about suppliers of good materials, such as multiconductor bundled cables to construct snakes, a good source for XLR jacks to wire to the cables, 1/4" balanced and unbalanced connectors, etc... I have found these things at many online electronic supply stores, but the range in prices/brand names has left me a little uneasy. Does anyone out there have experience doing this? If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hey Dragon:
Another post somewhere mentioned that you knew of a place to get high-quality oxygen-free mic cable. Care to share??? Surely there has to be a cheap alternative to the name brand stuff???!?!?!?
why, yes I am. I just moved to California, and heve been without the internet for a while. I am here to produce music and build my studio, hence my posts.

Dragon had better look out, I'm just up the road from him!

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