Building a vocal booth


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So far this is what Ive picked up about how to build a soundproof dead vocal booth. If something looks not right to anyone or you see room for improvement Id apreciate any advise.

The outer walls are MDF with seals in all corners. The inner walls will have 2 1/2" of space from the outer and will be made from soundproof panneling. All corners on the inner wall will be cut on a 45 degree angle like on an octagon so there will be no 90 degree corner traps. The inside will have foam (maybe carpeting with a steep wave pattern depending on my budget) pannels that can be hung to cover about 80% of the inside. All cables comming through are sealed with rubber.

What Im definitely not sure of is how to make the the door and the seal between the door and the wall. I know there is definitly 2 pains of glass in the window and I have a good idea but Id value some tips.

For the pannels does anyone know if theres a material I can by at home depot to take the place of carpeting. I think I read in another post about some kinda foam material they bought there.

Thanks for any comments.