building a studio

Dom Franco

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It could get pretty expensive....The cost of building materials has been going up and up!

First of all you'll need a slab and cement footings, and I would not scrimp here. Make it at least 16ft X 20 Ft.

Next: I'd suggest cinder block walls filled with sand or concrete, then fir out the inside with 2x4's or better 2x6's and lots of insulation. Buy pre-fab trusses or frame your own roof and insulate heavily.

I have no idea how much this would cost but it could easily top $5,000.00

Then add all the extras...
AC and heating
Nice interior panneling and "soft walls"
Carpet & drop ceiling
Another $5,000.00

This is essentially what I did, but it is inside of the Garage. Home Depot will love you!

Good Luck;

Dom Franco
I am planning to build me a one room studio in my backyard? what do you think about it how much would it cuase me.
Do you have an existing stucture out there or are you building that too?
The size of the structure will determine what you can do to finish off the inside.
A old friend of mine built a 30X20' structure. He did some stuff himself, including the insulation, drywall, all painting. It still cost over $11k! Another buddy of mine just got done building a garage, did even more work himself, still paid over $8k.