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Ok, This is for experienced engineers only- no offense to any newbies- I'm just looking for suggestions. I've been engineering for over a decade- so there's no real need for explantion of equipment or what it's function may be. I've designed a home and included a sizable studio within the blueprints. The acoustic setting is fine. I'm actually a little stuck on what the equipment shall be. Any Serious engineers out there go through this process recently?
I'm debating having 24 tracks analog and 24-48 tracks of digital- on hard disk, but should I go Mac or PC (which I would prefer based on my past experience.
I have been interested in Pro-Tools, used it a couple of times. Do you think that this would be the way to go with the digital domain? I will record the majority of everything on the analog and transfer to digital. Should I also be thinking of sound cards and AD/DA converters? As you can see, I've too many questions- to be sure. But I will probably start on this within the next 6 months and just wanted some friendly input. Thanks in advance.
What is your budget? and if your happy with PC's stick to them, as one of the programers of steinberg once said to me "Macs are only an advantage if you know them well, it is very possible to achive the same results on PC"
If you are comfortable with ProTools and have the money, I would go that route. That program is the "Pro" PC recording tool. If you want some high quality AD/DA converters, I would look into the Apogee products.

If you are on a budget and use computers as a secondary recording medium, I would go with a PC based system. There are many posts on this BBS that cover a wide range of software and hardware for PC based recording.

I use the MOTU 2408 and MOTU 1224 for my interfaces. MOTU is coming out with another interface, the MOTU 1296, which will support 24/96 recording. It has 12 channels of XLR I/O. With their PCI-324 card, you can connect up to three units. I would suggest getting two MOTU 1296 and one MOTU 2408. I suggest the MOTU 2408 because you can connect up to three ADATs or Tascam recorders to it digitally. You never know what a client might bring in to you to mix down. If you can rent the ADATs or Tascams locally, then you can dump the material to your PC (one day rental) and work from there. The MOTU units work on the Mac and PC.

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