BR1180cd and powered external TC Helicon for vocals


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Hi guys, after becoming bored with clicking a mouse i have started using my Boss BR1180CD, its an awesome machine but only has a 20GB hard drive and no output to computer. Apart from this its well up there with there newest multitrack. A few things i am stuck with is, i have a TC Helicon harmony-g-xt, a great bit of kit and i wondered if i turn the vocal effects off on the BR1180CD whether i can safely plug in the TC Helicon without damaging the BR1180CD. The reason i want to is not for voice correction as i will turn that part off as i can sing well, i want to plug it in and use it to save tracks as it only has 8 (plus stereo 9/10 for bouncing and mixing down, also has awesome 20 mastering effects), so if i used the TC Helicon i could save a track as it will harmonise with me on 1 track. Just not sure if its safe to plug in an external powered effects unit. Any input would be awesome. For a studio thats nearly 20 years old its fantastic, people sell them for up to £300 still which is close to Boss’s new model which apart from computer plug in that also becomes a DAW controller, its literally the same machine but smaller. A Boss video comes up for br1180cd a soon as you type in youtube.
Its also digital. Another thing can anyone think of a way of getting all the data files off it without having to use about 30 cdr’s lol? Is there and tricks all this time later. Thanks guys and i feel blessed to be on here ?