BR 800 Editing a Song


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The first 30 seconds of my song is just studio banter. I want to chop it out. With my old Mackie 2496, I could set Location A at 00.00 and Location B at 00:30 and then say CUT EVERYTHING BETWEEN A AND B. The first 30 seconds of the song would be gone and what was at the 31 second mark would now be at the 1 second mark. I'm kind of over explaining this. Is there anyway to do this in the BR-800 or do I have to export the file to a DAW to do this simple task?
Thanks... my studio software was out of date (as is my manual) and I didn't have the features that are in the manual you posted. I just downloaded the latest software from Boss. So I should be good from here... thank you!
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