BR 800 Backing Up Disk Two Questions


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Its pretty slow to back up my BR 800's SD hard drive to my laptop via the USB cable. Can I just take the SD card and plug it in my computer and copy that way? Or will I miss important information.

The next question is an audio interface question. I want to use the BR-800 as a DA interface. I want to run an old four track cassette machine through the BR-800 and record onto my laptop using Sonar LE. I don't want the BR-800 to record necessarily-- I just want it to be an interface to get into my computer.
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The first question is to find out what kind of hard drive is in that thing. I have a BR-864, and that just uses CF cards. If you have a standard laptop hard drive in there. You'd be able to just do it with a duplicator to another disk, or create an image of that drive on your computer. That's what I'd do...

None of those things would lose anything.

Oh - I just read that you said 'SD Card'.... If that's the case... no problem. I do that ALL the time.... You can clone it, or just copy the music files.... The manual shows how the card is set up with the songs.... Easy as can be.