BR 1200 gain control cleaning ?


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Hello. I have a BR 1200. I think I have an internal dirty gain control. It sounds like a typical dirty control when turned up and down and sometime I lose gain output and regain it when tapping the knob or turning it. Would it be wise to remove the control knob and use a cleaning solution to clean it, like a commercial spray that works itself inside ? If so, what type of cleaning solution to use and what method would be best, or what would be the best method otherwise ? Thanks.
The best cleaning solution is when the dirt and dust is removed. Stuff like dry air, or the lubricated solvents rely on being able to flood the pot, swoosh away the rubbish and then evaporate, with some leaving a lubricating film behind - which either is great, or a terrible idea depending on your own preference and viewpoint. However, these involve getting inside. They rely on the flow to move the debris away from the conductive track. There is rarely any access to the dirty parts from the operator side of the pot. Penetrating solution is a BAD move, you need solvent that evaporates. Penetrating solution does not evaporate, it does a lubrication only, and makes pots noisier and stickier.