Br 1180 hdd error


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Hi I've recently joined this forum. I'm looking for guidance on a BR 1180 with HDD error. I've tried replacing the HDD from watching YouTube videos and have read some internet threads so have discovered the hidden menu and how to use the utility menu properly. To date I haven't had any luck getting the device to complete an initialization of the HDD.
I have tried a variety of drives, like for like 40 pin ATA 30gb. 40 pin ATA 160 gb and 160gb SATA laptop HDD with converter to 40pin connection.
The laptop drive seemed to almost complete and allowed me to set partitions but then failed. I was able to connect it to my pc and could see that the partitions were there as were some boss files. I cannot read the older ATA drives on my pc even with connection adapters for a moder winX motherboard.
Any ideas will be welcome.