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So I got a Boss recorder from a storage sale. It has no Owners Manual but I found one on line. I have used Adobe Audition for 10 years, now I am trying to do my recordings on the Boss. There seems to be a fatal error that I keep doing. I have lost all of my tracks on two songs once then again it happened to one song on another occasion. I dont have anything on back up CD. When I recall the song all of the track lights are now off. They used to be green because I had stuff on all of the tracks. I think what happened was when I went into the mastering phase all of the lights went because you cannot listen or redord on the other tracks in that mode, only the 9/10 master track. I found the compression that I wanted to record the mixdown with and wanted to save it. The only way I know to save with this unit is to select another song or shut down at that point you are prompted to save. But if this happens while the lights are out because you are in Master Mode, and you are asked if you want to save changes, I think it saves the change that the tracks are no longer available. This does not seem to make sence but I have no other explanation of where my songs went. Anyone?? Anyone?? Beuler??


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You do know that there are virtual layers yeah?
Each track has another 7 virtual tracks so you might be on the wrong layers. Make sure your tracks are set to layer 1 of the virtual tracks.
Press the button "V Track" next to the play and record buttons at bottom left of the BR1180.

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Advice on Br1180cd and TC Helicon

Hi guys, after becoming bored with clicking a mouse i have started using my Boss BR1180CD, its an awesome machine but only has a 20GB hard drive and no output to computer. Apart from this its well up there with there newest multitrack. A few things i am stuck with is, i have a TC Helicon harmony-g-xt, a great bit of kit and i wondered if i turn the vocal effects off on the BR1180CD whether i can safely plug in the TC Helicon without damaging the BR1180CD. The reason i want to is not for voice correction as i will turn that part off as i can sing well, i want to plug it in and use it to save tracks as it only has 8 (plus stereo 9/10 for bouncing and mixing down, also has awesome 20 mastering effects), so if i used the TC Helicon i could save a track as it will harmonise with me on 1 track. Just not sure if its safe to plug in an external powered effects unit. Any input would be awesome. For a studio thats nearly 20 years old its fantastic, people sell them for up to £300 still which is close to Boss’s new model which apart from computer plug in that also becomes a DAW controller, its literally the same machine but smaller. Here is a video of it for those that are unfamiliar with it there is a great video that comes up on youtube.
Its also digital. Another thing can anyone think of a way of getting all the data files off it without having to use about 30 cdr’s lol? Is there and tricks all this time later. Thanks guys and i feel blessed to be on here ?


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Regards original post i never save/lock a bounce to track 9/10 as you lose the individual tracks and are stuck with the premaster. What i do at that stage, is bounce to 9/10, then use mastering tool kit, burn cd, listen to it on different music players on desktop, also try in surround sound system and if all ok i turn off the br1180 without saving the mix down, that way assuming you had already locked all your tracks and padlock was on, when you restart studio and go to track it’ll be displaying your tracks. I learnt the hard way lol. No point in saving a mix down as you should leave it so you can go back on and remaster etc. I know the op is old but hope this helps others. God Bless