Bouncing Tracks


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Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on bouncing tracks? What instruments work best together on a bounced track (example - drums + bass or bass + rythym guitar)? Also, any advice on panning techniques for the bounce would be greatly appreciated. Love the site!
Randy Rossman
Others in this forum may dissagree....but
I have bounced and combined just about every combination possible...
Vocals & guitars, Bass and Drums,
Piano & guitar... The only thing you have to remember is that the relative levels are set and cannot be changed afterward!

It usually does work better if you combine several vocals together or guitars together,
because the EQ is going to be the same for all of them together.

Dom Franco

Franco is very right. When you bounce, whatever you bounce, like two tracks, is now controlled by only ONE VOLUME slider.

Therefore, I do not bounce very often. Number one because I haven't figured out the magic buttons "how to" on my Yamaha MD-8. I know I'm missing one stroke. I'll figure it out with help sometime.

But, to get what I consider a good mix, I believe you need volume/eq control over every track, especially vocals. Background stuff can be bounced but I like to control every track when I mix.

Experiment and enjoy,

Green Hornet