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I'm noticing on some of my recordings that there is a rumble under the mix. Depending on what system I listen to it on, it varies in severity. Any suggestions to get rid of this and possibly get a more consistant response from system to system?
That is an excellent idea from Dragon. But I offer that maybe you apply some filtering at about 80Hz and use a slight slope on it. Depending upon the music, you are not going to have really any information below 80Hz. But the great thing, and the nemis about digital recording is it's very accurate low end response. Plus the fact that digital truely records down to 20Hz.

I say 80Hz with a little slope because in this case, you will be starting a little higher, but with less roll off on it. I use this alot while mastering in the studio and find that the mix still retains accurate low end, but the low end is tucked in a bit more,and thus, not taking up so much of your metering on the mix down deck. Thus, the A/D converters are able to apply full bit resolution to frequencies that are not dealt with as well in the digital realm. Try it out.

Good luck.

Ed Rei
Echo Star Studio