Bosses' GT-1 & GT-1b natural instrument and cabinet modeling avaiability


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For use of these Bosses in series of direct recording input:

While I've read a download manual for each unit, do these 2 units allow for a wide amount of natural modeling of cabinets and instruments?

I've read a lot of reviews about effects but not much at all about natural cabinet and guitar selections; the latter is my interest in these units mainly for recording and website distribution of bands with pleasant talent, who would like to share their music for free download. Even though these musicians may have a less-then-commercial talent ceiling, I'd want to provide them cabinet and instrument choices they may not be able to afford. Would such modeling sound natural on an MP3 download, if used to record in series with direct input to a quality multitrack recorder?

Lastly, are presets for cabinet and guitar modeling usually combined as well-known combos; I did not see separate choices in the manual? (I wasn't sure if I was seeing combinations of well-known--expect by me--of legendary cabinet and guitar combinations. Is this what I would search through with the models, and would it be a wide list?)

Thank you, JeffF.
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