Boss OC-5 vs. BBE Supa-Charger


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The bassist I work with on a regular basis uses a BBE Supa-Charger all-in-one power supply for all the pedals on his pedal board. It's a great product that works for everything he's got, including several Boss pedals. Well, that is it worked on everything until he got a Boss OC-5 Octave pedal. The pedal works fine on battery, but if he tried to power it from the Supa-Charger, it would not function. The workaround was to use a standard Boss power supply, but that adds more cable clutter that the Supa-Charger is designed to reduce.

I put a meter on the Supa-Charger and it's putting out about 12.46 volts. The standard Boss power supply puts out about 9.6 volts. Unlike all the other Boss pedals on his pedal board, the OC-5 simply doesn't work with the higher voltage. It is a newer model. I'm pretty sure the previous one (OC-2 or OC-3) worked fine with the Supa-Charger.
Huh. Interesting. I always see that the Boss pedals say they only work with Boss PSA power supply but I have run various Boss pedals off a One-Spot + daisy chain with no issue. I don't think I ever tried the OC-5.