Boss BR600


Anyone have one of these they can give me some advice. Have had this little box for sometimes and mainly use it as a drum machine, effects tool etc. Done a bit of recording on it, created songs etc but really not have much of a clue what I am doing. One thing I am confused about is recording the drums? There is nothing in the manual and very little on the internet apart from people pondering the same issue. There is one little website gives a pretty good description. Set the unit rec mode to bounce, then select track 5/6 which is fine, but it automatically comes up with track 7/8 and wont change. Wouldn't be an issue but it looks like 7/8 is the master track which I assume you put / mix all of your completed tracks together when finishing?

Bare in mind I have no clue here. I normally record drums first of course. If I record the drums straight away to the master track will I be able to blend (bounce?) all of my tracks together on this master track?

Somebody may be able to break down for me what bouncing and mastering is. My notion is that you record all of your individual tracks....bass, guitar, vocal etc.....then mix to required levels and "bounce" to your master track. This puts all of your individual tracks together on one track. Is that about right?

I probably wont be actually exporting the songs into wave files or anything. I will just take the machine to solo gigs and play the songs I have created straight off the machine...or maybe would it be better to export them and just play from my phone etc...less to go wrong?

Other question is how many songs (approx) can you keep in memory on the BR600. It has a Large size memory card. My songs are pretty much drums and bass.