BOSS BR-900CD Mastering


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I bounced tracks to the 7/8 V1 track. All tracks perfectly mixed but I decided to change the bass and highs in the 7/8 V1 track. I did and now want to do a master. Reading the manual, I thought I followed carefully but apparently not because I ended up losing the 7/8 V1 track. Fortunately, I did a back-up on the recording. Had I not done so I would have lost all the work I did. Here is what I did and I hope someone will tell me what I did wrong.

I pressed the REC MODE button to "Mastering." I didn't need to move the cursor to the recording-destination track because it was already on the 7/8 V1 track. I then pressed ENTER. The blinking red light started and it was blinking in 7/8 V1. I used the TIME/VALUE dial to select the V-track source, which was V2. The manual states to press EFFECTS. That was already lit. I pressed it and saw no change. I really didn't want to do anything with changes because I had done the slight change of bass and highs in the 7/8 V1 track before wanting to do a master. Now I am ready to do a master. Assuming the recording was to be in V2 that I was in, I started recording. I saw no sign of signal being recorded. I did only a few measures to see what was going on. I stopped the recording and completely lost the original 7/8 V1 track. I even did the REDO button but still couldn't get back the recording. I don't see how it could completely be gone with only recording a few measures. I hope someone can tell me what I did wrong. Explain it in layman's terms please.