BOSS BR-1180CD HDD Failed, and rescued data.


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3 months ago the original HDD failed on the BR-1180CD. I searched the inter-web and a found a couple of useful videos, and a very useful step by step link on a blog. The data was view able via USB DriveWire, so I exported the raw data (with 90 original songs or ditties) to a folder on my desktop computer, and to my laptop HDD. I followed the instructions and after several failed attempts (and failed HDD's) I finally retrieved the data and I am able to again record on the newer 60GB HDD (3 viable partitions). I must say - 12 years of using this great unit, and that seriously has been the only issue I have had. Not sure if I can post a link to the blogger's website, but it is here: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JUHO-ERIC: Boss BR-1180 hard drive backup & replacement. Many thanks to Juho-Eric for the insightful directions. I love my BOSS BR-1180CD, and now I can jam again. YOOHOO.

Just a note about drives. A lot of people think a drive fails, but it is all still there. You just have to "recover"
Luckily, I was able to see the data; but the drive would have to be re-initialized to use and after saving the old data to 3 new places, the original drive is still not able to be used in the system. But I have 3 partitions all at 20GB to work with. and a spare 30GB drive in case.