Blues rock track - My Ship is Comin' in!

I Didn't hear any grave mixing errors at all. This sounds pretty finished to me. Maybe the vocal could be a touch more forward, seems most people prefer that, but i liked where it is at, i could understand the lyrics clearly, but didn't dominate the piece. Nothing else to say, Cool song. Nice work.


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I like it (and liked it :) ) Not a huge fan of the wah effect on the first part of the solo but it works on the latter half.


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I thought it sounded pretty good. Good levels on the instruments and the vocal is easy to hear.

I think there is a general low mid buildup. Like a little tubbiness around 400hz-500hz.

OK one nitpick on levels... The kick could come up a bit. Or maybe the bass could come down a bit. But the bass is dominating the kick in the low end.