Blank 1/4" Tape Available?


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Is blank 1/4" recording tape still available for reel-to-reel machines? I may be buying an old Teac unit but I don't remember seeing blank tape available anymore...but I haven't exactly been looking for it either. Where should I be looking?
It's still available. Just have to find where. Look in the yellow pages under audio/video, or recording.

There use to be a great store in Ottawa where I use to buy 1/2" tape. They had everything.

I'm sure such a place exists in your area.
Don't mean to bum anybody out, but Radio Shack still has it and they'll order it for you if they're out...this is a small town, and it beats hell out of driving miles to a city to pay twice the old teac 3340 eats tape like crazy...gibs
I have had very poor results with Radio Shack 1/4" tape. I would recommend ordering some Ampex or 3M from "Full Compass" or any other Professional Sound company. The last 1/4" tape I bought was a few years ago at E.A.R Pro Audio in Phoenix AZ. They will ship any where...


Dom Franco
Guess I've just been lucky about the Radshak, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to try to re-do Sgt. Peppers with it...but if you need a tape fix real fast it's a viable alternative for home taping while you're waiting for the higher quality to arrive....gibs
Please good people! don't ever, ever buy anything pertaining to audio from Radio-Whack
...i mean Radio-Shack!
Quality 1/4" tape is avail from almost all the mail order houses (Sweetwater, Musicians Friend, AMS, etc.).

Well I would not go THAT far! Radio Shack has saved me in a pinch.... When all the other Music stores are closed, 8:00 PM on a Saturday night and you need some solder and speaker wire...or a 1/4" jack to fix your guitar. Someday you might just thank God that there's a Radio Shack a few miles away!


Dom Franco
Fair enough, Dom. I've been there too for a last minute late nite adaptor, battery, whatever--it's easy to forget some of the positives of a place like that. But their electronic components, the few that I've purchased there, have been very poor quality and overpriced for what you're getting.