black/death metal (ala Behemoth) mixing feedback needed

Yves A

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Hi everyone, I'm looking on feedback on a mix I'm currently working on, here it is:

I'm having some trouble with the vocals, when I get it sounding leveled right in my daw it's too loud when I play it back in itunes or when I listen to it on a laptop so I'm not sure which way I should go. ;)

If you're not familiar with this style of music, here's a good example of what I'm trying to achieve:

Thanks in advance!


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
Yeah, the vox might be a little loud. Maybe they're a little FX dry too. For black metal, you usually want some 'verb to help them sit in the mix and get that distant, ethereal sound.

The two lead guitar parts in the solo aren't really balanced with each other. The second part to come in seems much louder.


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The drumkit is a bit out of balance. It is dominated by the snare. I'd like to hear more kick and overheads. The kick drum has the click but is missing the thump.
Definitely has the Behemoth feel (I'm a big fan). I'll second the drum mix suggestions as well as the second solo guitar part coming in much louder than the first part. Also, how can I download this song? ;)

Mr. Cachi

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Sounds super heavy man! I would increase the kick volume just a little bit, and the vocals get a little lost. Beyond that, I really liked it