Biased New Mix

mark skinner

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Hello , here's a new instrumental I'm trying to get finished up. Any crit's or suggestions for improvement would be Great. Weapons - Washburn Monterey Studio (left), Godin nylon hybrid (right) , G&L ASAT thru Bias FX (center). Ibanez bass , Drums - couple of old Sonar loops , Sitila 808 , MT Power drums. Cakewalk By Bandlab. Thanks for your time and any help .. mark
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Has some good atmosphere. I like the rhythm, made me think of Brasil 66 a little. A bit of Latin flavor. I really like the guitar work you've got going. The mix sounds good to my ears.
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Thanks Spantini for the comment. Here's a new mix with Power drums coming in with the lead guitar. I wanted a boost in energy without getting in the way too much. I "think" I like the changes . Thanks for any comments or suggestions .. mark