Beyerdynamic M201

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I got one of these to try out because I'm always trying to find a dynamic mic for my voice that makes me sound good ;). No, actually, I'm slowly getting rid of stuff, and trying to do like a 2-out/1-in thing, or just keep 1 of something, and before the trusty old SM58s go on the block, I thought I'd check out a couple of the fancier dynamics. This one intrigued me, because, first I like the company's stuff - I bought and we used their mics in a band I was in back in the 70s, and they were as durable as the Shure's, or nearly so, and sounded great. (Couldn't tell you what they were - some dynamic that, IIRC, looked vaguely like the current M88, though probably had a sliver mesh.) And, the DT770 phones I've had for at least 10 years have been great. They replaced a cord for $25, and gave me the inner diaphragm cover when I couldn't track ones down to buy. But, I digress...

I haven't actually done anything with it on vocals except maybe a scratch track, but it's on the stand and I've been using it to do quick recordings where I'm setting at the desk, and the SDCs are parked elsewhere. It does a darn good job on guitar and mandolin, at least for my "back porch" kind of mixes, and, unlike most of the spendy dynamics, which can be huge, it is maybe smaller than an SM57.

I'll use it for a vocal next time I get my bud over and we try some more tunes, but in the meantime, here's a guitar backing track I did in one take while driving Logic in front of me, followed by a mandolin part (practicing for an online lesson). I didn't use any EQ save HPF. There is a tiny bit of reverb in this mix, and it's compressed/limited just enough to hit like -15.5dB LUFS, I think...

I know, blah, blah, blah...

I used to do radio stuff and the BBC used these in radio studios all over the country as the go to number two mic, no matter what was used for the presenter. All the guests and news and weather got a 201. I have only got one, which always annoyed me. I rather like them as drum overheads as they’re quite narrow so you can get further into a kit. Kick, snare and overhead is really usable with the 201.
Beyer makes serious microphones. The M88 has a humbucker coil diaphram. It sets it apart from the SM58's single. And the basket is perfect shape for lips.

The 201 is not part of my tiny mic locker. It was a fantastic demo.

Only one? Having none is really annoying.
great track.
yeah my Beyer headphones have been doing well.agree

I dont recall many of their mics in my past or the bands in the 70's.
the Beyers seem to be very well spoke of by those who own them. M88 maybe most mentioned.

?thinning the herd 2 out and 1 in...I can relate (though I only have a 1 out / 1 in ratio)

dynamics, seems Shure, Sennheiser pop up first, Beyer 201....hypercardiod, $299

That 201 is definitely a crisp sounding mic in that recording....the acoustic guitar sounded really good, imo, the mando was well contained good playing, Mandos can get volume issues at times, loud to soft to louder spikes, probably the player too.
201 almost sounds like a condensor to me in the audio?

recording hacks..