Best or good enough Windows environment for Sonar 7


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I'm use to, not good at but use to using Sonar 7 and I do't relish the idea of re-learning DAW software. I am doing everything I can to avoid learning something other than Sonar 7, unless I really have to. Will Sonar 7 run on my iMac? I use it now on my old windows & machine. Will Sonar 7 work on a new Windows computer if I were to buy one. Thank You Folks

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It definitely won't run on an iMac unless it is an Intel iMac and you use Bootcamp to boot into Windows. It will probably run on a new Windows computer as Windows 10 is pretty good at running older software from that era.

It may also be worth looking at the current Cakewalk by Bandlab which is free and is based on Sonar.

You will probably find that you need to replace your interface with a new computer because they don't usually come with PCI connections. Most people go for an external USB interface these days. The Behringer UMC202HD or M-Audio M-Track Duo are probably the cheapest interfaces that are worth looking at. Focusrite, Audient and MOTU also make decent interfaces (as well as quite a few others).


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Thank you James for putting things in to perspective. I have Sonar 7 installed on an older machine (PC) and for the most part it works great. Lately though when I go to use it I have no sound, not even with windows media player. The sound/output will come and go but its always a battle I have a Steinberg interface for my mac that came with a light version of Cubase but It's just another obstacle to deal with, lol. I should just wake up and start making friends with a different set-up. I am not an audio file per say, just a voiceover guy that is tired of being bogged down by technology, gear and learning curves. I am going to consider things here and figure out what the path of least resistance will be. Thank You kindly James.


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Hi Bobby and welcome. My son runs the free Cakewalk on a W10 laptop and, AFAIK he has no problems with it (he is in France)
He has used Samplitude for many years and is presently on Pro X3 but finds Cakewalk more useful for MIDI and loop building work.
He runs a MOTU M4 interface which perhaps more than you want to pay although the M2 is just as good quality, just less I/O.

However, if you just need a DAW for voice over work Audacity is perfectly fine. Not so good for complex song building and does not, AFAIK support MIDI but for straight forward sound recording, good as anything else.