Behringer may have just taken the lead in "Best Bang/buck" mics

LOL @ slackmaster...:D

WOW!! = get your money ready lol..:D


WOW!!!:D :p :rolleyes:
Yo Slack.....................

............."WOW"= How in the world can a mic with such a small diaphragm pick up a decent range of frequencies so well !!

I did simple mic'ing techniques;(mic'd a bass amp and git amp for bass and guitar respectively) flat eq on the board,flat on the amps. ran mic's thru ART Mp's and recorded simple bass lines and rhythm git chords and reproduction was pretty good! I didn't go into anything resembling a true recording, but just wanted to hear how these mic's performed. Mic's handle' hi-end freqs better than low-end with a slight (can't think of the right words) coloration on the bass.(I didn't do to much experimenting, but will go into further researching tonite) . No test on vocals,nor did I run my drum machine into amps for "Mic'd Kit" simulation but will do it tonite. No noticeable noise heard, however my tests were of the simplest variety and not conclusive either. But I was still impressed for a pair of $35 mic's!!! Will go into a more detailed mic'ing tonite.

I'll leave all the scientific testing to Harvey!

I'm not married, but I feel like I need to buy these mics, cause they are such a good deal. Even though its gonna put me more in debt.

Would these mics be good to record a live rock band in stereo?
I don't have drums here, but I do record acoustic guitar. Right now I'm using a Nady sp-9 and sp-1 (wooohooo) Maybe I should buy the mics and then buy some drums too!! Then I will need to buy a house to put them in, but can't charge that on my credit card.

maybe I'm better off getting these: the mxl 2001 and 603s plus shockmount.

but then I will probably want a matched pair!

So I will wait for harvey to report. Hope they are not on back order. I'm using a Behringer 602a mixer. Can't believe I paid $100 now the price is dropped to $70. Also could get a phonic 6 channel (mm 1002) for $50 at Mars Music now.

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Better watch out

Couldn't make your 8thstreet link work, but if it's the 2001 + 603s for like $169 deal, stop and have a look around here for info on the 2001 first. It's getting some pretty bad reviews. Better to just get the 603s for $70 by itself, according to what I'm reading.

Yeah , my wife just had a mini shopping spree, so Gidge gets a pair of EMC8000's and a Behringer Autocom......

Q, your ears are scientific enuuf fo me:D
OK, I just ordered two of them as well, and they darn well better be JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER than a matched pair of Earthworks QTC-1s, or I'm going to be REAL MAD at you Harvey. I had to take the money from my children's anthrax medicine fund to buy them, and no one in my family is getting ANYTHING for Christmas now. If they turn out to be less than absolutely silent and flat from 5Hz to 250Khz, I'm going to throw myself into our poluted bay and refuse to swim.


Mark H.
Cool man. I was really just concerned about noise, but it sounds like they're ok from what you've said QQ. I'm going to get one and give it a shot on some things...I'm especially looking for something with more high end for acoustic guitar since the 603 isn't working out well in that realm.

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Slack, this mic has PLENTY of hi-end AND must be directed
HEAD-ON to an acoustic (though,I didn't use any acoustic instruments) If HI-END is what you need (these mic's also seem perfect for overheads) the Beh-gr is the mic!
Not for vocals UNLESS you CUT ALL HI and Midrange freqs down to a nil! Really SHARP response! (Since I cannot sing, I used your basic "Testing 1-2-3,Testing 1-2-3....Is this Mic On??? ...Baby Got Back!.....Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So etc...." With the placement of the small wind screen on to mic, siblance is somewhat cut by about 6db's. Extremely clear when pointed directly at a source.

Be careful when opening the mic case. If it's not placed properly in it's protective foam, the mic will fall out! (case open's up in a "V")
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Hey Harvey, didja' get yours yet!!?? Come'on man it's Wednesday!! Patiently waiting for your results!! (8th street used
2-day UPS to ship mine).
I WANT MINE!!!!!!!:(

I have emailed 8th Street for the second time to enquire about buying from them, hopefully they will reply this time.
The Aust. Behringer distributor can "go fornicate themselves" after speaking to them today and their response to the polite question "Why are you retailing these mics at 4.6 times Behringers' advertised retail price"

As a last resort, I may come looking for someone to go "middle-man" for me. Come to think of it I better start explaining to the wife why I need these mics.........lmao

ChrisO :cool:
Hey Harvey, didja' get yours yet!!?? Come'on man it's Wednesday!! Patiently waiting for your results!! (8th street used
2-day UPS to ship mine).
Mine went UPS ground, so they should be here tomorrow (Thursday).
The well runneth dry.


I ordered mine on Monday and got this in the (e)mail today:

"Thank you for your recent order.

Unfortunately, the Behringer ECM8000's that you ordered are temporarily out of stock. We expect to have them in about 7-10 days. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please advise as to how you would like us to proceed.

Feel free to email me at

Thanks for shopping 8th Street Music!"


I hope they actually get more stock in, otherwise the cheap mic fun party will have to move on to a new location...

That just shows the power of the Internet. I've recommended a few products before, based on my evaluations, and I learned that sales went thru the roof right after posting my findings - and stayed there.

That's why I'm so careful to ensure that the quality and consistancy are there BEFORE I say anything on the net about anything (the Behringer ECM8000 was the exception because it would be hard for them to screw it up). If what I test and recommend isn't the same as what you get, due to manufacturing inconsistancies, my evaluations would be worthless. IF Behringer uses the Panasonic capsule in this mic, consistancy shouldn't be a problem. Building a small omni capsule is pretty easy and straightforward.

It bothers me that many people will often recommend a mic, based only on their owning it (and not having much to test it against), without finding out if it's consistant from unit to unit, like buying Oktavas from GC, where variations can exceed 10dB between identical units. And if ALL the mics at that GC happen to be on the poor side, listening to all the mics and picking the best may wind up with you getting the best of a poor batch - and that's no bargain.

In this case, I think wiped out 8th Street Music's stock of these mics.
Harvey Gerst said:
In this case, I think wiped out 8th Street Music's stock of these mics.


Psssst, Harvey! Recommend another product......."Q check's to see if his wife is listening..........." I got about $283.78 in cash reserves hidden in a mayonnaise jar in the basement and want to buy MORE GEAR!!!!!:D
You guys are crazy! lol

I just read thru this entire thread and hearing you guys talk about the wives and gear....I was on the floor laughing. I'm sort of lucky where my wife is an assistant producer at a radio station here and last week she came home from a shopping spree with a Rode NTK.Good Job Honey! lol

I did have to resort to some shananigans when I got an 01V. We had a TMD1000 for a few months...didn't like it and want a new mixer so when we did production for radio at home with the wife I would drive a little nasty 1kz notch in her cans. She asked why it sounded like crap. I replied...we need a new mixer baby. After a few weeks we had the

I ordered one last night. Hell I can find $35 under the couch so it's no big risk. It sucks to hear that 8thstreet is out of stock though! I haven't received my out of stock email, but it looks like I'll be getting one. Oh well, I love 8thstreet so it's worth it. Not once have I had a negative experience.

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