Behringer buys Midas


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I still don't understand why people knock the behringer mixers......I have an 1832 xenyx that works flawlessly and sounds pretty decent too. Yea its not a Mackie, but for what it is it definetly does it job.


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I was joking, I have a lot of Behringer gear and it all works fine.

What I hope will happen with the take over is that the Behringer cash input will keep a respected manufacturer alive in a tough market. Midas will also have the marketing and buying power of Behringer and you will probably find prices coming down. Behringer will also be looking at moving into high end equipment market and having a top quality rage of gear as well as the budget range.

P.S I don't work for Behringer, I have just seen this happen over the years with other manufactures, i.e Mackie buying RCF and Tapco, Sony buying Sonic Foundry.