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Well finally figured out how to do some basic editing in pt. Whoohoo!

What I'm trying to figure out now, is how to set the beginnings and ends of songs.

Here's whats happening. Ive cut out all the open mic random noise before the music starts. So now i just have empty space.
The zero starting point is 9 seconds before the first instrument comes in. I'd like to move everything so I have no more than 3 seconds before audio kicks in.

Secondly, when the audio is over, Pt just keeps on going. Like forever. :D

That doesn't affect anything when doing a 2 channel mix, but still, it would be nice to have an end point.

I've scoured YT for this and so far found nothing. Im sure it's something stupidly simple that everyone knows except me.
Hey man,
Yeah, it is really stupidly simple. :p
You know how you select a region in the top time line, so you can loop playback it or whatever?
Just select your song using the same two markers.

You have to make that selection every time you bounce. There's no option to actually trim the session, you see.

For quickness and accuracy, I tend to consolidate one track to the exact length I need. Lets say bass. Once done I can just click that bass track in clip or block view, then hit bounce.
Hey Steenamaroo, thanks for responding.

So basically you cannot trim off the beginning or the end.

Instead, im setting up beginning and ending markers, so when I bounce to disc (mix down to two track), I'm only getting the section inside the two markers. Correct?
Well Steen, it seems like you're the only one on this forum that knows about protools, or the only one that will respond. :D
Be that as it may, I thank you.

Another question, if you please.

There is a section right above the grey minutes/seconds section underneath the editing controls.
It's a miniaturized track bar for lack of better words. But it has all your individual wave forms shrink down to different colored 'racing stripes'

Is this the section I'm to work with?
I can only seem to highlight a small section at a time.
Sorry if my terminology is off.

Hey man,
I think you might be describing 'universe'.
It's a quick nav thing, to save you side scrolling.

I've pointed out the blue region markers in this video clip.

Thanks for the video link. Unfortunately it won't work, at least not on my phone.
It opens up, all the play stuff is there, but I just get a black screen. :-)
When I get to a coffee shop I'll check on my laptop. Home and work only net is the android and a iPhone. Works for most things. :D
Thanks for the picture. The mp4 isnt working. its all pixilated where ever I try to open it.

However, its still all greek to me, so I'm not gonna bug you.

Most of what I have learned on PT is a combination of videos and accidental discoveries.

See, what seems so simple to one who already knows it, can to a beginner, be like trying to read and write latin for the first time.

I'm going to buy PT for dummies. maybe that will help. No sense bugging you especially seeing how you're the ONLY one that responds. I'm quite dismayed by the lack of PT "support" on this forum.

Actually I'm quite disgusted with the learning curve of all this daw shit. While I've had some sucess, and can pull of a decent mix as well as learning other features.....but my god!!!
Who the fuck knows what all these symbols mean, what the words mean. Its literally like you're in a different country mot knowing the language. And when you ask someone for directions they just look at you like you're a frigging moron. :D

Anyway thanks for your attempts to help, but I think you have overestimated my current state of knowledge.

cheers, rant over. Gonna take a break from it and this place for a while.
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Hey man,
Not being funny but it's literally click and drag where I circled.
If that's difficult or confusing, something else must be going on - like those timeline bars are disabled from view or something?

IDK. Can you send me a screen shot of your edit window, please?
Cant do screen shot. 1) recording computer is never hooked to the net.
2) wouldnt know how if I wanted. You'll get no tutorials from me:D

I did get it working after much trial and error.
At first I was using the 'smart tool' couldnt do crap.
Finally studied your pic and set mine up the exact way and managed to do it.
Still cant consitently get it to do what i want.
Lots of hovering the mouse over the ecact spot.

Thanks, don't hate the world so much anymore. :D