Beginner guitars.

Hey man, leave moustache rock alone! :) But seriously, I've equipped my strat with very heavy strings, and I've blocked the bridge, so maybe I am a LP man at heart ... I do have to agree with LordDiagram a bit, I didn't like the feel of the LP when compared to my Strat. Made in America, or not.
And about the amp, S2K: I planned on avoiding Peavey altogether ... not sure why, really. :) Just one of those things. I have some sort of inbred reservation against Peavey, and I don't know where it came from ... maybe when I was a kid I saw some dude with long hair and earrings "shredding" through a Peavey once, and it turned me off forever. :) I've found a Pignose G40V, a 40watt all-tube combo. It's used, but still in perfect condition because it's not that old, but it's being sold for the incredible price of (the equivalent of) $200 American. Any experience with it? I like the fact that when my gigs grow too big for it, I can build myself a nice cabinet and use the speaker sends included on the amp. So, in that aspect, it's quite versatile ... plus it has that wonderful tube tone ... oh yeah.

And just for the record, I've never used my trem. bar (vib. bar) because frankly I never saw the point. Since I blocked the bridge, I haven't found a use for it yet.. maybe I'll stir my coffee with it..

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If you already have a 40W tube, what kind of amp are you looking for? I must admit that I'm not at all knowledgable about guitar amps. I really just avoid playing through anything decent at the music store because my wallet can't stomach my "urges". All I know is that almost every Peavy solid state that I have played through has sounded the same...really dry and boring. Horrible distortion. Not too long ago I was in the store trying out some "tube" pedals (going for a cheap upgrade) and I had the guy plug me in to one of their few Peavy amps. He looked at me like I was nuts. I didn't buy a pedal... needless to say the ol' tube screamer didn't make that peavy sound much better :)

In my mind the Peavy solid states are just one step up from Crate. Back when I was first starting (during the late 80's glam craze) the Crate sound was real popular around it's a joke.

Now that's not to say that the Peavy tube reissues aren't good. I've heard a lot of good things about them. But the best amp I've ever plugged into was an old Fender 25W. My buddy bought it from a pawn shop for 125 bucks....and then he pawned it back to fix his car or something....I didn't buy it because I thought he was going to pay the pawn...he didn't and it sold right quick. :(

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Aha. I misread your post! I thought that Pignose amps were those little portable battery-powered units that have an open cabinet that you adjust for tone. Real popular before the "technological revolution". Didn't know they made a full sized amp.

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It's not little by any means ... "very conservative 40 watts", is what they say. And I believe it. I'm going to have a chance to try it out on Thursday, so I can give a little review on it. :)

Here's a picture of it... It's not as small as it looks: it's about a foot and a half tall.

Oh ... how silly of me. No img allowed. :)

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Holy smokes! This be one interwoven thread cenversation. Here's my contribution:

My son, the then 14 year-old classic-ly trained violist, begs for a guitar. You bet! Says I. Excellent! I call my brother, a professional! no kidding! guitarist, not to mention a luthier for 25 years, and ask for advice. At the time, I'm looking at some of these Fender acoustics, which seem to play and sound pretty good for $200. Nah, he says. Not bad, but listen! I've got a Takamine copy of a Martin D28, who knows how much of it is plywood, but hey! I've got her set up pretty good and stuck a peizo pickup in her. Plus she's had the livin' heck played out of her, so she's nice'n ripe and I'll sell her to ya for $200. Ok, sez I.

Up until then I'm a nylon string classical-type player. I start messin' around with this Takamine - what an action! This is how I figgered playing an electric would feel. She's not real loud, but she plays real nice.

Fast forward to now, six years later. In the meantime, my son has got a cheap Telecaster and has just about thrashed it to pieces. He's gonna move out soon, so I've got to get a steel string acoustic 'cause he's takin' the Takamine, which I have been playing ALOT since we got it. So after lots of looking and playing, I get myself a cheap (relatively) DC-1 Martin. I have to wrassel it a bit more, got to get it set up sometime soon, but it is loud and sweet. The son's Tele is sent off to my brother for restoration and to be hot rodded, and now the son is playing the old Takamine through his Fender Evil Twin and making sounds I can't believe!

What am I saying? Find a guitar player you like and trust and have him or her check out used instruments to find an inexpensive used axe that somebody has loved and played and cared for - regardless of the make. Or buy an intro model Martin or Guild or whatever and get somebody ggod to set it up. I wish my new Martin played as easy as my son's old Takamine or my buddy's Yamaha... but they both hunger after my Martin...
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hey u all suck unless you play a fender.
just playing around.
just wanted to see how many of you reach for the reply buttin.
If I could find an old Jazzmaster in good shape for a reasonable price, I'd diversify my pure Gibson collection. It would match the blondeness of the EJ-200 while having a tone that would fill a niche in my collection.
A 1936 L4, a 1963 Hummingbird, a late 70's "The Paul", a 1997 EJ-200 (OK so that's an Epiphone), and a reissue of a 1962 SG.
The recordings I have of "it" are of someone else's bird, not my 236415. Mine is in need of bridge work and some neck work. I've looked around and can't seem to bring myself to trust anyone to fix it. The track I'm thinking of is "Wild Horses" by the Stones. Same guitar. Same sound.
Yeah, I know what you mean about trusting someone. I have an electric that needs a re-fret and I can't seem to find anyone that I trust either. I moved to St. Louis from L.A. about 5 years ago and I haven't found a good luthier here yet. I'm sure there are some, I just haven't found them.
It's kinda like looking for day care for your kids. You have to be really sure that you're leaving your 'baby' in the right hands.