Begging For Install Help - SOLVED

Oscar Myer

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Greetings one and all...

I have purchased and am ready to install SampleTank 4. I'm a complete and total newb when it comes to working with plugins. I had a bad experience last year when I was trying to install third party plugins into my old Platinum version. This time I want to do it properly and not make a complete mess out of it.

Could someone please take me by the hand at show me how to install my new version of SampleTank 4 so that I can access and use it within Cakewalk? It would be so much appreciated!!!
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Sample Tank is a bear to work with. If I remember correctly, when you open sample tank, you go in and select what samples you want to use. The menu's are difficult to navigate. so just dig around. See if there's any videos on you tube.
I'm so sorry for not getting back to my post sooner... I have been especially busy the last couple of weeks and haven't been spending much time on the computer.

As for my problem with the SampleTank install... I ended up calling tech support at Sweetwater and the guy had me up and running in what I'd like to say "minutes." But that wasn't the case. He showed me how and where to unzip the sounds files and all is working well now.