Beat synching troubles in live 8

Weasel Squeezer

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Hi I have a bit of conundrum. I am a relative newbie to Ablton but not to DAWs. I have trawled the manual on warping and syncing but can't seem to find an answer. It would be great if someone could help.:thumbs up:

I am trying to record an analogue drum machine directly in to Live to create new drum clips as the basis for a composition. I am able to record beats into a clip on the clip view and to create loops from these. The problem is that when doing so Abelton's master tempo and the tempo of the clip remains set at whatever arbitrary value is set for the project - not the actual tempo of the beat. I have tried using the the tap tempo but it just isn't accurate enough. It's frustrating because Abelton is obviously able to analyze the tempo of the beat because it generates a nice loop of it but displays the master tempo in place of the actual analyzed tempo in the clip view (e.g 120 when the actual beat is somewhere around 104.?? ). Because the tempo is inaccurate I can't sync in my other samples or other analogue drum machine etc to it. Essentially all I want to do is record in a short drum clip (preset blip drum beat from an old casio) and have Abelton give it's analysis of the tempo, in the clip view tempo box, in place of the master tempo so that I can use it's analysis of the tempo as the overall master tempo for the project. Does anyone know a simple way to do this?
I can't answer your question unfortunately, I just wanted to congratulate you on a superb forum name.... :D