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I am a guitar player first but I've been playing bass in a band. What is a good compressor pedal for the bass guitar? I was thinking on the lines of a boss cs-3. Any reservations on this?



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I'd have reservations about any guitar pedal with a Tone control being universally applied to bass. Check out the Aphex Punch Factory.

James Hart

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no comment on the Boss other than they make good pedals and give it a try.

I use 2 compressors on my board. My main one is a Maxon CP-9 pro+ and I have no reason to even look at any other compressors. Best Compressor I've used... period. The other is an Orange Squeezer clone with a few components altered to be a little more bass friendly. It's great for 'effecty' type heavy compression stuff.


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I have a monte allums modded CS-3 and it sounds ok with the bass.

Allthings being equal, i have taken that pedal DI to a pre and recorded, and done the same with my HK RCB200 head as a DI and the bass head sounds better. The CS-3 needs eq, tends to have less of a full sound, is a bit thinner.