Back in the Saddle Headphone Mixing baby steps

Fly Through Valleys demo 1st version by Scott McGinley 1 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Its been a while and Ive done this in my loungeroom through a Focusrite 2i2, Reaper, EZMix, couple of waves plug ins. Im using superior drummer 3 but controlling the beat myself using a midi keyboard, I think August was the last time I recorded and will get back to my old setup when i have time. Also the ending turned into a mess as thats how fresh the riffs were one or two takes just to get the feel so left right ghuitar conflicts at the end

Also first time using strings in a song


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Guitar sounds badass...

The beginning Hats don't sound too good, you can tell they are getting cut-off with the next hit. There are also a lot of drum timing issues. At least try to quantinize or go look at individual notes and try to correct them. But more importantly the mix is dull and one of the reasons is your OH/ROOM are barely there on the drums. Bring them up and see if it brings the mix out more.

I used to do the finger/keyboard drum thing and to me it just wasn't worth it with all the drum beats already available in programs like SD and AD.
cheers man i usually mix on KRK6 Ive used a loy of the grrooves just trying different things and would most likely go to my back room and record real drums once its worked out. Most times I use the grooves actually just sorted the midi keyboard out for the 1st time in4 years since I brought it

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The drums are quite muffled. They need to be louder and brighter and the guitars dropped back a little at the same time


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I thought the guitars sounded really good.

The bass was kind of indistinct and rumbly.

The snare was kind of dull and soft. The kick seemed to have big low end boost, or a big low mid cut. It that kind bouncing basketball sound.

The synth pad sounded pretty good and was a nice touch.